The Reservoir Supervisor or other duly authorized persons may suspend, forfeit, cancel or revoke any licenses, permits, or privileges granted within the Reservoir Area or may refuse to grant the same for a period not to exceed one year after the date of violation of these regulations. Such action shall be made in writing and mailed to the last know address of the violator, and shall state whether such action is in lieu, or in addition to the penalties provided herein. The decision of the Reservoir Supervisor, or duly authorized person acting on his behalf shall be final unless appealed to the Jackson County Commission of Jackson County, Kansas on or before the fifth working day following the day notice of said decision is given. The appeal shall be filed at the County Clerk's office in the courthouse and shall be heard by the Commission at a regular Commission meeting after notice of said hearing is given by the Commission to said person(s) at least 10 days before the said hearing. The appeal filing fee of $50 is to cover administrative costs of the said appeal and must accompany the notice of appeal. The fee will be returned to the individual if they are successful in their appeal.


Kansas Law concerning the operation of vehicles or vessels under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be strictly enforced.


  1. Persons failing to purchase and exhibit the appropriate permits (Section Two) shall be subject to a penalty of $10 plus the cost of the appropriate permit(s) if such penalty is paid within 48 hours of the issuance of the park permit violation ticket; a penalty of $25 plus the cost of the appropriate permit(s) if the penalty is paid after 48 hours from the issuance of the parking permit violation ticket. Nonpayment of the penalty may result in the issuance of a citation to appear before the District Court of Jackson County. Upon the conviction on the citation, the penalty or fine may be increased by the Court to that provided in subparagraph (b) below.
  2. Any person violating Banner Creek Reservoir Rules and Regulations (except as set out in (a) above shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a penalty not exceeding One Hundred Dollars or commitment to the county jail for a period not exceeding thirty days or providing public service to the community not to exceed 100 hours or a combination of such penalty, imprisonment or public service.
  3. For all purposes of the enforcement of Banner Creek Regulations, the owner of any unoccupied vehicle or vessel shall be deemed to be the person liable for the purchase and exhibit of the parking permit.